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Interspecies Communication 

"I love the power released when there is bonding in love and trust between groups or individuals!"

JULIE-ABOUT PIC (1200 × 1000 px) (GREEN)



BA Biology, MSN

Throughout my life, my passion for communication has been an integral part of who I am. I have been intuitively communicating with non-human animals, plants, and nature since I was a child.

As is common with almost everyone, I lost this awareness as I grew older. It took a life-threatening illness and a long recovery to begin to regain some of these beautiful intuitive abilities.

In 2012, I discovered that my connections were indeed a natural part of my calling and human experience and I began practicing as an animal communicator for my spiritual growth and joy. 

Image by Marko Blažević



Several years ago, my husband and I adopted a puppy we believed to be about six months old, who had been found basically dead and brought back to life by a neighbor. Needless to say, he/we had many adjustment issues. Having already known Julie, I reached out to her several times for help. She was able to communicate with our dog and then with us, to help us understand what he had and was experiencing, and how we could help him. I can’t express how important this was. Frankly, I’m not certain the three of us would have made it together as a family without Julie’s help. Over the years, I have continued to reach out to Julie from time to time. She has always been responsive and her input, helpful. Not only does her communication with our dog help him, but her input to us has a calming and confidence boosting effect. I recommend Julie for her animal (and owner) communication without reservation. --Sharon, CA


Our Springer Spaniel, Bella, is the object of the entire family's great affection, but as she has aged, a few troubling behaviors emerged. She had developed a habit of barking during dinner time, which we couldn't understand. We wanted to get to the root of the problem and so had a few sessions with Julie. Bella's barking during dinner stopped after our communication with her. We also had a consultation about her health and diet. This led to a change in her food, and we also gradually increased her walking- now she's back to her perfect size and still active at 11 years old! Additionally, Bella was able to communicate regarding a particular groomer whom she found to be too rough with her, and we swapped to a more gentle and loving groomer. Now grooming is once again a tail-wagging time! Thanks JB!-- Mickey, GA


When my 13 year old beloved lab, Abby, died, I called Julie on the way home from the vet. I was shaken as her death was unexpected, and I had had to make the decision about letting her go or hanging onto her very suddenly. Since I could only prolong her life for a very short time, and that time would be uncomfortable and even painful, I believed it was the right decision. But making the decision to euthanize a much loved pet is one of the most difficult one I have had to make. This was the third time. As I drove home, Julie connected to Abby. Abby gave Julie very specific information about her life, and some of that information was about the things she most enjoyed in this life. She also communicated to Julie, that it was the right time, that she was ready to go. The information Julie shared with me about Abby, has been a touchstone to which I return when I feel sadness and my sense of loss. Abby’s death was a turning point for my Great Pyranees, Rosie. She was 5, and there had been an ongoing jockeying for dominance between Abby and her. After Abby’s death Rosie fully took up the role on the “one in charge” on the farm. I was concerned with her behavior with the other dogs on the farm, especially a new pup that one of the tenants had just gotten. Rosie nipped and growled, and wasn’t very friendly. Julie visited, and watched them together and helped both the tenant and me see that Rosie was teaching the young dog how to behave. She showed us how Rosie had an inhibited bite and several other subtle things that were indicators that this was a teaching rather than something that would devolve into a fight. Understanding this allowed both the tenant and I to relax, which sped the evolving relationship between the two dogs along. They chase each other in the fields, rumble each other and sometimes Rosie still gives the pup a check when he is getting too mouthy.-- Carol, GA


Sousou was my beloved little cat, rescued from the bitter cold streets of Brooklyn. She accompanied me on life’s adventures for nearly 19 years. My work required frequent travels, and I always made sure Sousou had companionship during my absence. Julie came to stay at my home with Sousou for several months. During that time, Sousou clearly experienced kind and gentle care with Julie. Upon my return Sousou was well-adjusted, happy and healthy! Julie alluded to her communications with Sousou during their time together, which intrigued me. As time went on, Sousou’s health began to decline. I remembered Julie’s ability to communicate with Sousou and reached out to her. Finally I learned what Sousou was yearning for despite her limited mobility. She wanted to be outdoors! At first I was concerned about this request since Sousou was an indoor cat. However, while puttering around the garden, Sousou stayed close by, laying on the earth, sniffing the breezes, and exploring the ferns on wobbly legs. Sousou’s health improved along with her appetite. It brightened both our days to share the outdoor splendor…..and thanks to Julie, I learned of Sousou’s simple request, which improved the quality of her life. I am very grateful for Julie’s assistance. Her sensitive intuitive abilities are truly a gift!-- Helma, FL






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